With apologies, we will be breaking the Starcraft: Evolution review up a bit with this short review of Generation Space.  Expect part 2 of Starcraft: Evolution later this week.

While Anna Leahy and Doug Dechow may have grown up a part of “generation space”, as they often note, their attempt to capture the wonder of the shuttle on the page struggles to find a voice.  “Generation Space A Love Story” is at all times trying to be a memoir, a history, a biography, a cultural study, and a love story; bogging down the overall experience with ancillary information and over explanations.  But all is not lost, for amongst the stumbles and struggles are moments of enjoyment and intrigue as Leahy and Dechow’s passion and love of Shuttle are strong enough to pull together an overall positive experience.

Nothing is without it’s faults, however, as the many failed and rescheduled launches detailed within the book can attest to, and “Generation Space A Love Story” is often dragged down measurably by it’s own.  Throughout the text, there is a constant sense of attempting to establish an authority.  There is a heavy reliance on quotes and references to other works which often have little to do with what is actually being discussed.  Rather than having the idea that these are people who are well versed in what they are talking about and are pulling from cultural and scientific sources to help diversify their arguments, it comes across as though they needed to pad out the text.

Yet entangled with all these mishaps and dregs is perspective on societal love story between a generation, the shuttle, and the culture that grew and was perpetuated by that romance.  And if one can bear the difficulties of the book, one will find a window into a not so distant yet awe inspiring past.


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