While I expressed hope for this novel in my last post, I must unfortunately say that Starcraft Evolution is a disappointment.  I would be so happy to have been able to sing any praise for the book, but as I am writing this I cannot forget the overall uninteresting taste that is left with me.  A large part of the problems stem from how the book can’t seem to decide if it’s for fans of the series of games or for a broader science fiction audience.  A moment which was encapsulated for me when it attempts to give depth to the world by describing the size of one of the large flying creatures called Mutalisks.  It offers a very cursory explanation, describing at big as a Goliath (a two legged war mech in the games).  Any player would already know this information and any outsider would not be able to visualize the comparison.
These many issues, compounded with uninteresting characters (both new and returning) and a story which feels quite disconnected from what the past games have built up, I unfortunately cannot recommend this book to anyone.